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   ESD Awareness

This course clearly explains all the necessary information your personnel need to understand in order to control charge build-ups and prevent costly damage to electronic components and assemblies.

Course Objective:
This course ensures that all personnel are aware of the damage caused by ESD. Demonstration of ESD materials is provided as well as comprehensive training in ESD preventative measures. This course is now updated to include IPC Training Certification.

Course Topics:

What is ESD?

How it is created?

How is it generated? – Who can cause ESD?
- ESD discharge and how discharge occurs

Typical Static Charge Sources

Conductive materials Vs Non-conductive materials
- Insulators and conductors at your workstation

How do we know it’s there?


How ESD damage occurs?


ESD Damage in Electronic Components – EOS

- The importance of ESD prevention

- How much static can damage a component

Effects of ESD

- The costs of ESD damage

Failure Types - Catastrophic Vs latent failure

Controlling ESD

- Packaging and transporting

-The importance of grounding

-ESD Wrist Straps/Heel Straps/Smocks

– how to use and test Antistatic workstation

-ESD Symbols – properly enter and recognize ESD Protected areas

-Air Ionizers

-Temperature and Humidity


Implementation of ESD Program

- Overview of IEC 61340-5-1:2007

Handling Rules

- Use of proper ESD control techniques when handling sensitive components

- Removing static generating materials from your work area

IPC-DVD-54C clearly explains all the critical information your operators need to control static charge build-ups and prevent costly damage to electronic components and assemblies. Covers: the physics of static electricity, how static charges damage components, grounding, wrist straps / shoe grounding / testing, safe clothing, conductive smocks, ESD-safe work areas, elimination of static generating materials, controlling charge build-ups, activities that create static electricity, and proper handling / storage / transportation of ESD sensitive devices. Includes written Training Certification Test and certificates of completion for students with passing grades.

IPC-DVD-78C provides an entertaining visual analysis of the seven universal ESD issues that cause most of the problems, including: personal grounding, static producing clothing, unsafe work areas, improper handling, storage and transport. The DVD uses humour to help win hearts and minds, change ingrained habits and encourage retention and follow-through.

Course Duration:
1/2 day.

Suitable For:
This course is geared towards all manufacturing personnel who work closely with electronic components and assemblies. Also any office personnel who are likely to venture into the production area should be aware of the necessary precautions to be taken.

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