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IPC Certification Courses

About IPC
Since 1957, IPC has been guiding the electronic interconnection industry through dramatic changes. IPC is the only trade association that brings together all of the players in this industry: designers, board manufacturers, assembly companies, suppliers, and original equipment manufacturers. As IPC members, proactive participants work together to meet the challenges of ensuring the future of a very important industry.

IPC Mission Statement
IPC is a Global trade association dedicated to furthering the competitive excellence and financial success of its members worldwide, who are participants in the electronics industry.

In pursuit of these objectives, IPC will devote resources to management improvement and technology enhancement programs, the creation of relevant standards, protection of the environment, and pertinent government relations.

IPC encourages the active participation of all its members in these activities and commits to full co-operation with all related national and international organisations.

What does IPC do?

1. Development of IPC Technical Programs
Provision of standards to facilitate communication between suppliers and customers
Setting guidelines with current industry practices on a wide range of subjects
Research to solve industry problems
Correlation of industry test methods
New developments in interconnection technology

2. IPC Training & Certification Goals

Well-trained personnel are a key ingredient of any successful company. Through seminars, workshops, video training and computer-based multimedia training programs, IPC assists with critical training needs of the electronics manufacturing industry.

Atek's Role
This is the service that ATEK Training provides – training in IPC internationally used and recognised standards and procedures. Certification to individuals is traceable back to IPC through the IPC Certification Portal and individually serialised certs.

What are the IPC classes of production?
What do the different IPC standards cover?
What are the different levels of IPC Certified Training?