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ATEK Training Services
Unit 2, Enterprise Centre, Hill Road, Killaloe,
Co. Clare, Ireland.
T: +353 61 622426
+353 61 622426



What are the different levels of IPC Certified Training?

IPC licensed training centers such as ATEK are identified by the title “IPC Authorized Training Center.” Authorized training centers will operate such a Site pursuant to the terms and conditions of the License and IPC’s Policies and Procedures Document. Each Training Center will have unlimited ability to hold training for Certified IPC Trainers and Certified IPC Specialists, within the guidelines established by IPC’s Policy and Procedures Document, the Technical Training Committee and the terms of the Certification Center License. They have total responsibility for administration and execution of their training classes.


Master IPC Trainers (MIT)

Only employees of IPC authorized (licensed) training centers (ATEK) can be Master IPC Trainers. Master IPC Trainers receive their certification from the IPC director of certification. They are authorized and empowered by IPC to conduct training and grant IPC certification and recertification to Certified IPC Trainers. Master IPC Trainers are also authorized to conduct Certified IPC Specialist training. Master IPC Trainers may conduct IPC training for any organization that desires such training within the constraints and in accordance with IPC’s policies and procedures. (IPC’s policies and procedures document is available on request.)


Certified IPC Trainers (CIT)

Master Trainers at authorized training centers will train, test, and certify a cadre of highly qualified individuals to serve as Certified IPC Trainers. Certified IPC Trainers may be employees of companies that train only within their parent company; they may be faculty members of education and training institutions, such as 3rd level Institutes  that train a variety of current and future workers; or they may be independent consultants who work with a variety of companies.Certified IPC Trainers are authorized to grant certification credentials to Certified IPC Specialists that successfully complete the required program training and/or pass the minimum skills measurement criteria set by each program. This will include, as a minimum, passing written examination(s) and, as defined in the program, may require acceptable completion of specific workmanship practical demonstrations.


Certified IPC Specialist (CIS)

Certified IPC Specialist training programs will train, test and certify in the correct application of the criteria for all product classes. Certification is granted by a Certified IPC Trainer or Master IPC Trainer. Certified IPC Specialist training is appropriate for managers and supervisors, inspectors/quality program administrators, operators and any other individual (such as technology students) that will benefit by having a consistent understanding of the criteria in a standard.


Certified Standards Expert (CSE)

A CSE is an individual who has demonstrated the knowledge, skills and abilities required to act as a subject matter expert for a specific IPC standard or group of standards. Unlike a Certified IPC Trainer (CIT) or Master IPC Trainer (MIT), a CSE is not required to conduct training during their two-year certification period.



Is the subject matter expert on a specific IPC Standard

Applies one or more standards to specific company needs

Is the Standards liaison between your organization and industry experts

Updates your organization on the latest standards and best practices

Provides feedback to IPC Standards Committees

Interfaces with designers and process engineers

Judges organizational conflicts and provides expert opinion on IPC standards