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   IPC-A-610 Certified IPC Specialist Certification

This course is designed to help electronic manufacturers achieve the highest quality, productivity, and cost-effective production by ensuring that personnel can correctly apply the acceptability criteria of the IPC-A-610 "Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies" whilst performing visual inspection of PCB's.

Course Objective:
The objective of this programme is to improve individual discrimination skills, i.e. to improve accuracy of discrimination between an 'acceptable' or 'defect' electronic assembly per the IPC-A-610 series. The programme will also teach individuals to consistently and correctly apply the accept / defect criteria. The candidates will be evaluated on their knowledge of the IPC-A-610 material through open-book course assessments.

This certification will demonstrate your commitment to customer requirements and greatly assists any company dedicated to ISO or other quality assurance initiatives. Upon satisfactory course completion participants will receive IPC certification, which is valid for 2 years. This training and certification has immediate recognition and value throughout the electronics industry.

Course Modules
The Certified IPC Specialist Training is "modularised", meaning that training can be tailored to meet the requirements of individual organisations. Candidates must take the mandatory module 1, and after this, a selection of the modules applicable for the candidate and your company requirements can be made. Certification to a specific technology will require successful completion of several modules. Contact ATEK for further details.

Course Topics:

Module 1: IPC Policies and procedures, foreword, applicable documents and handling

Module 2: Soldering (including high voltage)
Module 3: Component damage and PCBs
Module 4: Terminal connections
Module 5: Through-hole technology
Module 6: Surface Mount technology
Module 7: Hardware

Suitable For:
Soldering Operators, Inspectors, Technicians, Rework Operators, Engineers and Management who wish to extend their knowledge, comprehension and require the proper interpretation of the requirements of the IPC-A-610 Specification

Varies according to the modules selected

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