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Co. Clare, Ireland.
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+353 61 622426



    Essentials of Wave Soldering Technology

Wave soldering is the most economical method of producing solder joints, however, good control is required over both consumables and equipment in order to set up and maintain an optimum process. This course is invaluable in helping to achieve maximum yield in the wave soldering process.

Course Objective:

The objective of this training is to show participants how to get a wave solder system to work for them and dramatically reduce soldering defects in both conventional and surface mount applications. At the end of the course, participants will understand the key parameters which need to be controlled in order to progress towards zero defect soldering as well as the tools and techniques involved, such as process control and optimisation techniques like SPC and experimental design.

Course Topics:
Lecture sessions will cover the following topics:

SMT Basics - Components and PCBs
Material issues

• Solder grades and additives

• Fluxes and flux activity

• Solder impurities and contamination

Wave soldering machines and critical parameter settings
Process control and optimisation of wave soldering

• Materials storage and handling

• Statistical process control

• Experimental design

• Hazards of wave soldering systems

• Defects and causes

Solder as a joining medium

Course Duration:
One day.

Suitable For:
Operators, Technicians & Supervisors

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